There are many companies on line that can help you Incorporate in Nevada, and they will offer you many different menus with  á la carte options to chose from, but the whole process is by email or by phone.

These companies lack the personal attention that you need because they are in the business of making money by working on many Incorporations at a time and not by helping coach you or teach you the best option for your business needs.

At Consulting 89103, we will not just prepare the forms and file them for you, we will take the time to introduce ourselves in a meeting face to face and decide what company structure would work better for you and your new venture.

Our $300.00 incorporating fees come with one free seminar and one meeting in person with our business consultants, and if you like our product, there are more seminars and coaching meetings available for a minimal price. 

The fee to incorporate in the State of Nevada varies according to the number of Pair and Non Pair Value of stock you decide to start with, but the minimum is $400.00 (Includes a $75.00 plus an Initial List of Officers Fee of $125.00 and the State Business License Fee of $200.00)

We will also teach you everything that comes with having a corporation and all the requirements to pass all Internal Revenue Service checks in case of an audit. With us, you will also learn about all the requirements and responsibilities that come with owning a corporation and how it can benefit to protect your personal and business assets.

In order to incorporate you will need the following:

1- At least three name options for a name. 
2- The Name and address of all the members of the corporation.
3- One member's Social Security Number or ITIN to apply for an EIN for the new corporation.