Many Entrepreneurs are great at making money with their hands or with their ideas, but their businesses fail at becoming successful because they lack a little training on how to correctly - either manage their business themselves - or how to find the talent on someone else - who is already around them - with the knowledge to help them with the administration of their business.

Every week, we have a dedicated team that offers either free or low cost seminars in English and Spanish:

Week of  June 23rd to 27th, 2014

- Incorporating My Business       6:00 to 8:00 pm

You will learn the answer to the following questions:  

- Why should you Incorporate your Business? What gets Protected in case of a Lawsuit? What are the Benefits of Incorporating? What are the Requirements under IRS Tax Code?

- Which Corporation would work Better for your Business Structure, C Corporation, S Corporation, LLC, or LLP, Benefits and Restrictions.

Cost $35.00


Free:  Date and time TBD

-My Business Accounting

- Why is a good Accounting important for my patrimony and my business Success?